Hi. I'm D.L. Watson.

Mark Worman (Left) and D.L. Watson (Right)

Mark Worman (Left) and D.L. Watson (Right)

I'm an independent filmmaker, writer, and visual effects artist. My most notable work is the car restoration docu/reality show called "Graveyard Carz" which airs on the Discovery Channel affiliate Velocity. Since 2012, I've directed and produced over 70 episodes and guided the series to be one of the top shows on the network. 

Online, some of my most popular content is my visual effects work, especially when I break down its creation with a tutorial series. I'm an evangelist for Adobe, Blackmagic, and other companies who continue to democratize the creative tools for independents like myself. 

I've worked with several local clients and many corporations, such as Chrysler/Fiat, Mopar, and Discovery, to see their projects come to life. Services include videography, promo/trailers, graphic/web design, color-correction, and social media management. 

While I always dedicated myself 100% to my freelance work, my passion will always be making narrative content. So far, my most successful short film project is "The Unspoken" which won Best Short Film and Best Actor in a Short Film from the Oregon Independent Film Festival, as well award prizes at several smaller film festival venues in 2011. 

Currently, I'm directing and producing the eighth and ninth season of "Graveyard Carz" and writing my first feature film slated to begin production in 2018.