My Recent Work

Most of my professional freelance work for the last five years has been with the production company The Division producing and directing the hit docu-reality show "Graveyard Carz". Otherwise, I've worked on local independent short and feature films, social media compaigns, and commercials for local businesses. 

Director / Producer / VFX / Design / Online Editor for "Graveyard Carz"

For five years, I've directed and produced over 70+ episodes of the very successful docu/reality show which airs on Discovery Channel's affiliate Velocity. Over the course of five years, I've guided the show to be one of the top-rated series on the network. In addition to my regular duties, I provide creative direction and oversight to the show's production company, The Division, in addition to graphic & web design, trailer/promo/sizzle creation, and social media management. 

Director / Producer / VFX "The Unspoken"

Shot in 2011, "The Unspoken" was my second short film and my most successful thus far. It's won several award prizes including Best Short Film and Best Actor for a Short Film in 2013 by the Oregon Independent Film Festival.

VFX on "All Hell Breaks Loose"

An independent horror film that was picked up and become a local hit that I serviced. I was hired by the director to black out talents eyes in addition to removing some rigging and set extensions. The film was picked up by a distribution company and has generated a small cult following. 

Trailers / Promos

Short Films